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With over 20 years of experience in Custom Home Theater, Automation and A/V Design, Kore Multimedia Solutions provides you with the highest quality service in commercial and residential audio/video design and implementation (Electronic automation installation, Home theater and audio, Lighting Control, Outdoor and Landscape A/V and Lighting and Security). Owner Bruce Solis created Kore MM Solutions, LLC, dba, Kore Multimedia Solutions in 2010 with the sole mission to provide you with the best customer service and technical experience in the industry.

Our Vision is to create and implement a single solution for each one our client’s desired audio/video wishes. We will strive to bring harmony, to our client’s homes and offices, via the best audio/video experience possible.

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About Kore Multimedia Solutions

Kore Multimedia Solutions is a locally owned and operated company in Dallas, TX, that offers a full menu of audio/video and technology services. We at Kore are a family and we treat our customers the same way. Our punctual and professional staff is ready to help you make your home or office a more impressive and enjoyable experience by integrating the latest and providing you with the ultimate experience.

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  • 5 Benefits of Security Cameras for Businesses

    The emergence of sophisticated security threats, combined with the increasing value of data and physical assets, has made safeguarding your business a top priority. Security cameras have risen to the forefront as a powerful and indispensable asset among the various tools available to bolster security measures.

    In this age of information and connectivity, the traditional concept of security has expanded beyond mere physical barriers and alarm systems. Once seen as passive observers, security cameras have transformed into dynamic tools that capture real-time events and act as deterrents, investigative aids, and proactive monitors. Their ability to provide an unblinking eye on your business premises, coupled with advanced features driven by cutting-edge technology, offers a multifaceted shield against a range of potential threats.

    Whether your business is a small boutique, a bustling office, a sprawling warehouse, or a multifaceted industrial complex, security cameras provide a layer of protection that extends far beyond conventional methods. They are instrumental in preventing unauthorized access and potential theft and are essential in maintaining employee safety, optimizing operations, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. With the capability to record high-definition footage, monitor remote locations, and integrate with smart systems, security cameras have evolved into a central component of any comprehensive security strategy.

    Furthermore, the rise of cloud technology has redefined the scope and convenience of security camera systems. Businesses can now store and access their surveillance footage remotely, allowing for seamless monitoring from virtually anywhere. This accessibility not only enhances the real-time monitoring capabilities but also empowers business owners with the ability to respond swiftly to emerging situations, regardless of their physical location.

    In this informative exploration of the power of security cameras for safeguarding businesses, we will delve deeper into the various aspects that make them an indispensable asset. From their role in deterring criminal activity to their ability to aid in investigations and provide valuable insights for operational improvements, security cameras have repeatedly proven that they are more than passive observers.


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  • 3 Ways Home Automation Can Simplify Your Life

    Home automation encompasses a wide range of interconnected systems and devices to create a smarter and more efficient living environment. The possibilities are expansive, from smart thermostats that learn your temperature preferences and adjust accordingly to automated security systems that keep your home safe to voice-controlled assistants that can answer questions and control various devices. This transformation is not only about convenience; it's about transforming our living spaces into intuitive, responsive, and energy-efficient environments.

    In this exploration of home automation, we will delve into the ways in which this technology is reshaping our daily lives. We will uncover home automation's benefits beyond mere convenience, such as energy conservation and increased home security. We'll also discuss the challenges and considerations associated with adopting these technologies, from privacy concerns to the initial setup process. So, join us as we embark on a journey through the world of home automation and discover how these innovations are simplifying and elevating our daily routines.

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