Let Kore install the latest security cameras and video recording systems in your business and/or home so that you may protect your most precious assets. With today’s technology you are able to view your assets from your smart phone and/or a remote location via your desktop or laptop computer. We offer a complete arsenal of options which will be customized for your specific needs. 

“Let Kore bring you peace of mind for your home or office!”

CAMERAS We can install analog and IP, indoor and/or outdoor cameras that will allow you to view your property day or night. Kore will inspect your property before designing a site plan that can be customized to fit any location.

RECORDING SYSTEMS We offer DVR/NVR systems from 4 to 32 channels to cover any size location. Kore can install PC Based, Stand Alone, or Network Video Recorder systems depending on your   specifications.

GATES Kore can install residential and commercial security gates for drives or walkways, maximizing your level of protection.              

KEYPADS Installation of keypads allows only authorized entrance and exit of your location.

REMOTE ACCESS No longer do you have to worry when you are offsite. Today’s technology allows you to have remote access to your security camera views from any iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android product, as well as from your desktop or laptop computer. Kore can give you “eyes” from anywhere in the world.