Office / Commercial


Have you ever asked, “What can I do to better my work place environment?” Kore provides effective and imaginative solutions for the work place. Our goal is to assist each business (small, medium, and large) in utilizing today’s technologies to enhance the efficiency and productivity of its employees, while providing a working environment that exceeds that of its competitors.  

“What you do for a living is your business. How you chose to use today’s audio/video technologies to enhance efficiency, productivity, and harmony in your office is our business!”

AUDIO/VIDEO - We bring style and simplicity to your office because it’s not only how it looks when it’s turned on but it’s just as important how it looks when it’s turned off. The right acoustics drives passion, excitement, laughter, sadness, fear, as well as emotions. Sound is power and harmony. “It’s not just what you listen to but how it looks that makes all the difference in the world.”

WEB CONFERENCING - Kore can create an effective meeting space through web and video conferencing, allowing companies to communicate in modern ways, providing a powerful solution to stand in the place of traditional meetings.

AUTOMATION/LIGHTING - Imagine being able to combine your audio/video, security cameras, lighting, and air conditioning system, etc. all on one easy to control system. Our CEDIA certified installers are the best in system   automation which is why you’ll feel confident in knowing that we install it right the first time and we make it easy for you to operate.

SECURITY CAMERAS - (A sense of Security = Harmony). Let us bring security to your office.

PRE-WIRING/CABLING - A cluttered dwelling results in a cluttered mind, which equals stress, anxiety, unhappiness, and confusion, thus resulting in lower productivity. Kore (=) no more wires which (=) no more clutter which means peace and harmony.