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About Us
When you’re ready to put technology to good use, invest in the services of a home system installer. Kore MM Solutions is a locally owned and operated company in Dallas, TX, that offers a full menu of services. Our punctual and professional staff is ready to help you make your home more impressive and enjoyable by integrating key operating features and providing you with the ultimate level of control.
Complete customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we hope that you’ll be impressed with our service. We pay close attention to detail because we want to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We have convenient appointment availability to make it easy for you to learn more about our:
  • Consultation services
  • Interior and exterior systems
  • Design and installation
If you're looking to have remote control over the temperature, lights, and theater components in your home, call our Dallas professionals today. Our home system installer is available seven days a week, and we hope that you’ll benefit from the services available at Kore MM Solutions.

Very glad that I went with this company. I highly recommend, they are a very professional company as well as very clean. Right away I could tell they know what they are doing. Very friendly company with a very reasonable price. Definitely worth every penny. Recommend!

About Our Team
Bruce Solis
Bruce Solis, owner and operator, has over 11 years experience in Telecom as a Negotiator and a Corporate Liaison but a lifetime of experience enjoying music, movies and helping people. His past experiences for customer satisfaction and problem resolution and a love for music, movies and entertainment, led him to build Kore Multi-Media Solutions. The name “Kore” comes from “Core” and represents our value system and the basis of who we all are as individuals and as a society. Bruce’s vision was to provide solutions that would match each clients Kore vision and match their unique vision by resolving those issues which each person or company has, and design, develop and implement that which meets all of these goals. In the end, he wants to bring harmony to each person’s home and office environment.
Jody Matheson, Chief A/V Engineer, began his journey over 20 years ago in the A/V world, and has advanced throughout the years to be one of the top A/V Engineering minds in this industry. His array of knowledge includes, but is not limited to, engineering specialist in our own United States Air Force. His experience in A/V design, implementation, teaching, training and Advanced Programming spans across more than Residential services but includes Commercial Apartment Complex, Hotels, Yachts, Boats, RV’s, offices, high rises and more. It is not too often that an individual has such an array of knowledge and talent in any industry, let alone, Audio/Video. He brings these skills and knowledge to our Team and to you, the client. We are all extremely lucky and fortunate.
Kore Technicians, have been professionally groomed by the Kore Leadership team to ensure that our clients wants and needs come first. The appreciation for detail and for the customer experience go unmatched in any industry. In other words, we actually really do care about our clients, their homes and work environment and desire for each to have a unique and wonderful experience. This comes from not only implementing a great solution but a great experience before, during and after the project completion date.
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